Not the Best of Days

I met Clive, Chris and Gordon at the Rushcliffe CP to inspect the pole boxes there.
These boxes were the first erected by our project back in 1997. The park then was also very new and hundreds of trees wereplanted which have grown so fast that most of the boxes have now been engulfed by the trees. For the firsttime in many years, we found no Barn Owls on the Park.

The boxes are no longer ideal for Barn Owls andthe project will probably have to abandon them and erect some new boxes in the grassland that is left unmown to attract the small mammals on which the Barn Owls prey.After we’d finished at the park, Gordon and I carried on toinspect some boxes that I’d found Barn Owls but no eggs backin May to see if

Female barn owl

they’d laid any eggs.

Two boxes were empty,the birds have moved on or nesting elsewhere but the 3rd boxhad two adults, one of which I’d ringed as a female in May ass he has some small spots under the wings. However, I sus

pectthat this is a spotted male as there was also a heavily spotteddefinite female in the box and the pair have probably got a broodnearby and are using this box as a roost.

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