2012; A SLOW START!!

It took me a long time to get into the Barn Owls of 2012; I’m usually raring to go by mid-May but the arrival of a new Grand-daughter to my Daughter Ellen in South Oxfordshire and subsequent visitations set me back, then a couple of weeks of terrible weather kept me tucked up at home in the dry. Having said that; we did have a couple of trips around some local boxes early on when the weather was nice; the first on the 23rd May with my old cycling buddy Rick Notley who hadn’t seen Barn Owls up close before and we soon found a female and 4 chicks in a box in a barn.

Rick meets his first Barn Owl.


Four chicks in the box>

Next day I went out again; this time with Neil Pinder on another hot day; however we were sorry to find that a box that had breeding Barn Owls for the last 10 years at Gamston was empty, as was another regular box at Tollerton but the rewards included a Tawny chick at Keyworth and a brood of 3 Barn Owls, also at Keyworth in a box in a garden that had been used by the same female last year.

Tawny chick.

Keyworth Barn Owl.

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