I’ve said before that taking people out to see the Barn Owl chicks is just one of the pleasures of the job.

A week after taking David Hill, MD of our sponsor, Carbon Legacy to see his first Barn Owl chicks, we had other chicks to ring in boxes close to the Company’s Hickling Pastures headquarters.

Pete with his first owl chick!

David was keen for other staff members to share his experience so first today, we picked up their Technical Director, Pete Force who was very keen to see the owls.

We were soon at the site; fields behind a farm owned by a local businessman and he and his wife, together with their neighbour with small Grandson were soon assembled near the box.


Yound Alfie and Granddad Ian!

Here last year, after finding Barn Owls with small chicks and a large cache of voles in the box, we returned to ring chicks to find the box empty; something that does happen occasionally but it’s very disappointing, not only for us but also for the landowners.  Have you ever tried climbing a ladder with all your fingers crossed; well I did and was happy to find 3 well grown and handsome chicks inside.

These were ringed and photographs were taken; Pete, landowners and neighbours were all happy; as was I!!

A happy Pete was returned back to get some work done and we picked up the Company’s IT man Sean Burn who was also keen to see the owls. Again, it wasn’t far away  but this time along a track in open fields and the farmer was too busy getting his hay in to join us, evident by the tractors and trailers in the fields close by.

This was the first time this box had been used by Barn Owls but it’s only it’s second season so quite a quick uptake. Some boxes take years while others get owls straight away.

There were 2 chicks here and Sean was delighted to see them. They were soon ringed and back in the box and Sean returned to work; hopefully, he’ll post the photos on the Carbon Legacy website that he administrates.  See:–

So a successful trip with everyone happy, particularly our sponsors, Carbon Legacy; anyone for Solar Panels??

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