Extra Owls and a Spare Box

Howard Broughton with a couple of OwlsChris came round and we set off to the Lady Bay area and fields that are probably the closest farmland to Nottingham City Centre.

Some time ago I’d done a survey at a farm yard that was being redeveloped. There had been Barn Owls

around the farm but no evidence of recent breeding. The Notts Wildlife Trust had erected 2 boxes in nearby fields and I was inspecting them to see if there had been any uptake as I’d had several reports of Barn Owls being seen in the area.

The first box we went to had 2 cracking chicks that were almost full grown. What a surprise and what a bonus for the Notts WT. They were delighted with the find.

From here, we went over to inspect the boxes on the Rushcliffe Golf Course. Despite having good habitat and us finding the occasional pellet, we’d never had breeding birds here. The first box had come down off the tree and we decided to take it off the site to hang elsewhere. The other two boxes also gave us a nil return but we did find several golf balls as we beat through the undergrowth to get to a box.

I’d recently found a new site for a new box near to Colston Bassett and I cleaned and repainted the box and will hang it at the new site later this week.

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