Another Good Day

convent-fords-010-winceToday, we were ringing the last chicks that we’d found on our early round of inspections in May.

Boxes around Kinoulton, Hickling and Widmerpool have produced Barn Owls for us for some time and we

were hoping that they’d come up trumps again. They all have experienced adults and the box at Kinoulton

had 2 chicks and the Hickling box produced 4.

The next box at Hickling Pastures is a new one so was being used for the first time. The landowner here said

he hadn’t seen the owls around so I was half expecting another failure. However we were pleasantly surprised to find 2 nice chicks in the box. Photos were taken and we were off to Upper Broughton.

and another box with an old pair that produced last year. The female was still in the box with the 3 small chicks but they were big enough to ring and we left them in peace.

The last of the day was another good box at Widmerpool that had 4 chicks but one was freshly dead and I can only put the demise down to the lack of food.

I left it in the box to be recycled by its siblings. Another 14 chicks today.

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