More Photos at Bingham

Howard Broughton with a couple of baby owlsGordon came round and we had a date with the photographer of the Bingham Advertiser for the ringing of the chicks that featured earlier in this blogwith my Canadian friends.

The Farmer and friends were there as well so it was with fingers crossed that I climbed the ladder and opened the box.

Young barn owlThey were still there, the three well grown young doing well and no sign of the cache of voles, now snaffled up by the hungry chicks.

Marie, the photographer did her stuff and we moved on to other boxes in the Vale of Belvoir. The first near Screveton had produced 5 chicks last year and this year had two that were almost full grown.

The next box near Aslockton had failed last year but the adults had laid eggs this year so we hoped that the experience would see them producing this time.

The Farmer and his son turned up to see what they had and it was great to find 3 chicks in the box.

The next box at Whatton is one of our most reliable boxes and yielded another 3 chicks this year but this was followed by our only failure of the day when the box at Langar failed after laying eggs.

However, another dozen chicks for us. A good day.

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