Start of a Busy Week

Three sisters watch the birdieI picked up Neil Pinder as my assistant today and he brought his Daughter Zoe with him, probably so that she could do the writing for me while he was off chasing butterflies.

Our first stop was a barn at Tollerton and we found two nice chicks in the box and one of the adults roosting in the roof beams. A good start to the day!

Next, my best producing box at Gamston that has given us over 30 chicks over the years despite changing females every other year. We added 2 females and a male to the box’s progeny and headed out to the new convent being built on Bunny Hill.

Howard, a sister and some young owlsHere, we were met by Sister Mary Julian and another couple of Sisters who’d come along to see the owl chicks.

There were 4 beauties in the box, all females which were ringed and photographed before being returned to

their box.

So a good day with 9 Barn Owls added to our total.

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