500th Chick for RUBOP

500th barn owl chickWe were on 497 chicks since 2000 and I had chicks in boxes waiting to be ringed so this bright Sunday

morning would be a good time to ring them.

Kate and I drove out to Gotham where we met friends Neil and Jackie Glenn who live in the village.

The first box had 2 chicks which put us on 499 so only one to go; the next would be our 500th chick.

Kim and Lindsay Simpson have a homestead on the edge of Gotham and have a large field with long grass and young trees; superb Barn Owl habitat which has rewarded them with nesting Barn Owls. I knew that these chicks would be well advanced as the chicks had already hatched when I looked in the box last May.

Sure enough, the 3 chicks in the box were well feathered with the oldest, a beautiful female which will have many spots and apricot blush collar.

Photos were taken, the other chicks ringed and we put them back into the box.

Elated, we carried on to the next box at Kingston where we came back to Earth when we found the female I’d caught in May still present but no sign of the eggs she’d had in May.

chicks in boxes here for the past 6 years. We met David Stock, the local man who keeps an eye on things

here and we ringed 2 chicks.

Back to Rempstone where we were disappointed to find that the owls we’d found in two boxes here had

both deserted which we can only put down to a lack of food.

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