Doing the BBOP

I went over to Gordon’s as we were going to do a round of his Broxtowe Barn Owl Project Boxes; hopefullyany chicks found would be big enough to ring.

The first box, at Bramcote had breeding owls last year but was found to be empty, however, we found thepair in another box nearby with 2 very small chicks and 3 eggs, one just hatching. So a good start.We’d been told by a local birder that he’d seen Kestrels around the next box, near Trowell.

Kestrels had bred in this box for the first 2 years but last year, we’d had breeding Barn Owls. I opened the box expectingKestrels and found Barn Owls, a male and female and 2 chicks which I ringed. The female here is all whiteand last year, she fooled me into thinking she was a male.

This time the male was in the box and she wasidentified as the female due to her greater weight. She had a new toy boy, I’d ringed the male as a chick lastyear in a box at Brinsley.In the afternoon, we’d arranged to meet local County Coucillor, Ken Rigby who’d made a donation to theproject out of his Division Fund.

The box chosen was one that had had breeding birds for the last couple ofyears and the Farmer had reported use again this year. When I looked in the box, I thought there was a pairof adults and a big chick but on looking further, realised that it was a 3 big chicks, about 6 weeks old and far

in advance of any brood found so far. I ringed all 3 chicks and Ken was delighted in seeing the birds at such close quarters. Photo were taken and the chicks put back in the box.

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