In my last post; I told about taking a call from a local

The original nest was on this wall under the tiles

builder, Chris who had found a Little Owl nest in a barn he was converting. We were nearby so went over and I advised Chris to screw a plastic box to the roof beams and put the chicks inside in the hope that the mother owl would find them and continue to bring in food.

The site was quiet over the Bank Holiday Weekend and Chris returned on the Monday morning to find 3 of the chicks alive and well. The smallest had disappeared and  had probably died and been

Plastic box screwed to roof beams

consumed to the benefit of its siblings, a regular happening in the owl world.

We visited the site today  to take some photos and found the 3 chicks still thriving and I’ll have another look next week when the chicks will be big enough to ring.

Chicks in the box

Zoe & Bryony

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